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How to Fix Epson XP 420 Not Printing?

Epson is one of the renowned brands in the market and is often preferred by many people in terms of affordability and quality product. Its excellent functioning has made it the most reliable to use at workplaces, but both efficiencies and flaws co-exist in each device no matter what the product’s brand is. So, despite its excellent functionalities sometimes people have to face the issues and some of the most common is Epson XP 420 Not Printing.

The situation brings up so much frustration when you need a printout and it appears that black ink has disappeared. At that time most probably people get stuck in an overwhelming situation where they have to choose the most suitable option among contacting the right repairing center or trying to find some resolving methods.

The latter option requires some research to be done, and the good news is you don’t need to be specialized in technology for implementing the solutions.

So, here we have got you some easy tips to follow which you can consider, whenever your printer stops working properly.

Epson XP 420 Not Printing

Steps to Fix Epson XP 420 Not Printing

Check the Ink Cartridge – most probably, the issue could be with the ink cartridge when your Epson printer is unable to print black. Cross-check the quantity of the ink, if it’s too low or empty, then the cause is clear, but if it’s full, then check for other factors such as if ink cartridges are placed and installed properly in their slots. And check if the vents of the cartridges are not clogged. Check for all these things first, if you haven’t found any issue in the ink cartridges yet, and then try to look for other things.

Clean the clogged printhead – printhead transfers the ink to the paper, so this may be responsible for it whenever your printer is not printing correctly. So whenever the situation arises, make sure to check if your printhead is clean or clogged. If it is clogged, then you need to clean it.

For cleaning the clogged printhead, follow the steps mentioned here –

  • Switch ON the printer.
  • Make sure that paper is added to the paper tray.
  • Head to the “device and printers” option, a list you will appear where you can see all the installed printers. Place the cursor on the Epson printer, and double-click on it.
  • Choose the “adjust print options” and double-click on it to open a new dialogue box.
  • You will see the “maintenance” tab, click on it.
  • Select the “head cleaning” option, and then click on “start” or “next” to initiate the cleaning process.

This takes a few minutes to complete the cleaning process, you have to wait until the process gets finished, don’t unplug the printer during this whole cleaning method; this will harm your device.

Epson XP 420 Not Printing Correctly

Fix Your Printer Issue Online with the Help of Experts

When it’s done, take a test printout to check if the issue is resolved, and if still you’re Epson XP 420 Not Printing Correctly, then a professional’s help is recommended. You can take help by dialing our toll free number 1-800-825-0856

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