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How to Fix Printer Offline? Get Best Printer Repair Services at Your Home

Are you searching best Printer Repair Service at home near your location? Because you’re Printer has crashed recently. This can hamper your professional growth, especially if you need the prints throughout the day. A printer breakdown will not only cause personal loss but professional loss as well. But don't worry if your printer has broken down then contact to Newlite IT Services is your one-in-all stop for fixing your printer. We offer the best online printer services to Fix Printer Offline.

What we do for Printer Repair Services.

With extensive knowledge in the printer repair services, we can ensure that we fix all the problems and prevent it from becoming slow. Our unmatched professionalism will fix HP, Canon and Brother and Epson Printer. Our experienced teammates can ensure we will help you fix all the printers.

Before proceeding with fixing HP, Canon, Brother and Epson printer problems, we will ensure to understand your requirements. Our years of experience have helped fix all the problems, malfunctions and even dysfunctions of your printer.

Our Services for Offline Printer

We believe that client satisfaction is the best reward we can achieve. Hence, our qualified technicians ensure to work in a particular problem until the entire problem is solved. With our Remote Support Services, we offer extensive productivity and believe that we can serve in the best manner. We believe that we stand apart from our competitors because we offer services for premium quality computers.

Our innovative approach has made it possible to offer online HP, Canon and Brother Printer offline repair services. We offer constant maintenance service and complete services for printer.

No matter for what reason your printer stops working, we can offer you the solution accordingly. We are always available over the call to help you. Our expert technicians at Newlite IT Services are available 24*7 to offer you to get back printer online. Our extensive approach and outstanding solutions will make your printer flexible.

If you are facing problems with your printer and want to Troubleshoot Printer Stuck in Offline Status in Windows then instantly reach out to us today.

How to Change Printer from Offline to Online?

It is natural to face some sort of issues whenever we use anything, but important is “how are we able to manage those issues?” When it comes to printers, sometimes we notice that the printer is not appearing online; the causes of this issue can be very minor. And knowing some tips to change printer from offline to online will surely help.

Steps to change printer from offline to online

Our first recommendation is to restart your printer first because whenever we find some issue in our mobile, or PC, we usually prefer to restart it again assuming that the problem will be resolved, and it actually happens most of the time. You can try this on your printer as well; most probably you’ll be able to fix printer offline issues.

Also make sure that you have checked that your printer is connected with the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. Or also check the paper tray and clear the paper jams.

These minor tips are good to go with at first, but if your actions still couldn’t change the status of the printer, then try the following mentioned tips to fix printer offline problems.

Tips to Change Printer from Offline to Online

Remove the Printer, and then add it again

You can try to remove the printer from your PC and then again add it. The steps are easy to perform.

    • At first, switch off your printer and unplug it from the computer.
    • Go to devices
    • Then click printers and scanners.
    • Select your printer name, and then click on the remove device option.
    • Plug your printer again, it will be added back to your computer.
    • These re-add process may help your printer to return to its online status.

Settings Tab

Most of our solutions to the issues reside in the settings tab of the computer. You can try this anytime, your time investment in exploring the settings tab never gets wasted. You can also give it a shot when it comes to restoring the online status of your printer. Have a look at the steps below.

    • Click the settings tab, and then the devices option.
    • Then go to printers and scanners.
    • The right side of the window displays the printer's name; select the one among those that you’re using.
    • Then click on the open queue.
    • You’ll be redirected to the next dialogue box.
    • On the upper left corner, you will see the printer tab, click on it.
    • By clicking on it a list will appear, and then you’ll see the option of “use printer offline” a checkmark will be visible to you at this option.
    • Click on the checkmark to remove it.

This process can help you in changing your printer online. In case if it won’t work consider working on the next method.


Troubleshoot itself figure out the issues and works on the solutions. This step also helps people in understanding what exactly the issues are.

    • Go to the settings tab
    • Click on update and security, then click troubleshoot.
    • Select the printer option, and then click on “run the troubleshooter”.

This may work to change printer from offline to online if the above-mentioned tips won’t help.

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