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05 Jun 2020

i would like to thank newlite for installing windows 10 on my laptop


19 May 2020

Thank #### for being determined to get the printing problem resolved. Problem solved. Thank you Mark


Toni Molik
19 May 2020

I love giving you the excellent reviews you deserve, but, my bad eyesight makes it difficult to "verify" all those security images. Some are so dark and blurry, they are impossible to identify. I just tried to send you feedback, but I think it failed to transmit. PLEASE IMPLIFY.


Toni Molik
19 May 2020

As always, ****** and your team did a great job solving the annoying Google New Start a Meeting issue that compromised access to my Chat Hangouts.. Thanks Nancy and team. Toni.


05 May 2020

great service


Joyce Weiskopf
03 May 2020

Usually, after the technician has completed my monthly check-up, that person calls me back to discuss any issues. I received a pop-up, bottom right of screen fora cleaner update that needs to be run. By the time Jenny called me back the computer had already put itself to sleep and we were no longer connected.


24 Apr 2020

I am very appreciative of the speed in which they get back to me and fix the problem. But I can't afford all.the suggestions to purchase upgrades.


Ann Louise McCafferty
20 Apr 2020

Thank you people. You and your service are great!


Michael Dennis
19 Apr 2020

Microsoft Edge (system cleanup?) is still coming up in bottom right corner of display at Startup. Windows 10 has a very convoluted path for getting rid of it, which I have not been able to navigate. Please help. I have asked for help with this before; perhaps I have not been specific enough.


Gayly Edmunds
16 Apr 2020

As usual, your folks do us a great job!!